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After 25 years of inspiration in the beauty and brilliance of the Brazilian woman, producing pieces in gold and silver, in 2004 we had the vision: to make the brilliance of the jewelry affordable for the greatest number of women.
With experienced goldsmiths, we have created what we call the alternative jewel. The result was a product with beauty and refinement equivalent to a gold jewel, but with an affordable price.
Our care with quality combined with creativity and a fine work done by true craftsmen have made us a respected and admired company in the segment, thanks to that, we have been accepted all over Brazil.
We offer great variety in models of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets, designed and made to provide satisfaction to those who use them.
The butterfly, symbol of our brand, suggests transformation, beauty and notoriety, as well as fashion that is constantly changing and innovative.
We are like this, inspired by your beauty!


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Portuguese & Spanish 407-360-4832 English 407-739-9265

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